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__ABCD Calendar March 03
+ AIGA Gift Wrapping Paper
+ A-Line Pictures Logo
__(America Crew Folk Art Book)
__(American Crew Rock Book)
__(Arttable Identity)
__(Arttable Newsletter)
__Arttable Mentor Internship
__Arttable Invite
+ Aveda Congress
__Avi Adler Henri Bendel Invite
__Avi Adler Holiday Card 2003
__Avi Adler Holiday Card 2004
+ Avi Adler Holiday Card 2005
+ Avi Adler Mailing Labels
+ Avi Adler Web Announcement
+ Beautiful Decay Activist Page
__(CCA Competition Book)
__(Curt Cloninger Book Cover)
+ Cut and Paste Heaven Theme
+ Cut and Paste Future Theme
+ Cut and Paste Nightmare Theme
__(Cyberia Identity)
__(Deitch Project Book)
+ Des Moines Art Center Jankowski
__Deutsche Guggenheim Sachs
+ Deutsche Guggenheim Kentridge
__(Dojo Identity 1)
__(Dojo Identity 2)
__Domtar Sandpiper Booklet
__(Donut Pub Logo Phase1)
__(Donut Pub Logo Phase2)
+ Dots Studio Identity
+ Dots Studio Website
+ (Eyeswidefilms Logo)
+ 826NYC Auction Booklet
+ (F.A.C. Logo)
+ Feargear Label
+ Feargear Letterhead
+ Feargear Identity Pattern
+ Feargear Exhibition Wallpaper
__Five Inch Blank CDs
+ Fondazione Prada Event invite
+ Fondazione Prada Program
+ Fondazione Prada Italian B
+ Fondazione Prada Spring Time
__Gmund Vibe Logo
+ Gilbert Gilclear Artwork
+ Hello Kitty Poster
+ Hello Kitty Exhibition Picture
+ ICFF 2005 Prospectus
+ ICFF 2005 Save the Date
+ ICFF 2005 Invite
+ ICFF 2005 Website
+ ICFF 2005 Prospectus
+ ICFF 2005 Save the Date
+ ICFF 2005 Invite
+ ICFF 2005 Website
__(I.D. Pen Identity)
+ IDEA Magazine Spread
__I NY Proposal, 2002
__I NY New York Street Art Book
__I NY Launch Party Announcement
__I NY Website
__IWHC Invite
+ Kelly Burns Works Website
__Kicksology Stationery System
__(Knoll Textile Exploration1)
__(Knoll Textile Exploration2)
__(Lavazza Business Card)
+ Lee Angel Identity
+ (Lee Angel Identity)
+ Lee Angel Material
__Lesley Spencer CD
__Lesley Spencer CD
__Lesley Spencer CD
__(Lesley Spencer CD Sketches)
__Malin+Goetz Ads
__Malin+Goetz Bag
__Malin+Goetz Booklet
__Malin+Goetz Skin+Hair care
__Malin+Goetz Skin+Hair care
+ Malin+Goetz Parfumes
+ Malin+Goetz Parfumes
+ Malin+Goetz Candles
+ Malin+Goetz Gift Boxes
__Malin+Goetz Identity,
__Malin+Goetz Website
+ Malin+Goetz Movable Wall
+ Malin+Goetz Holiday Card 2005
__Miu Miu IFP Invite
__Miu Miu M Invite
__Miu Miu M Winter Wallpaper
__Miu Miu W Winter Invite
__Miu Miu W Winter Wallpaper
__Miu Miu Spring Invite
__(Miu Miu Spring Invite A)
__(MTV Campus Invasion Logo)
__Mongoose Catalog
__(Mongoose Catalog Concept)
__MPM Calendar, 2003
+ Otis Identity and Stationery
+ Otis Business Cards and Colors
+ Otis 2005 View Book (Part A)
+ Otis 2005 View Book (Part B)
+ Otis Guide Book
__Pacific Labs Website
__Pentagon Memorial Identity
__Pentagon Memorial Poster
__Pentagon Memorial Stationery
__(Populi Publisher Book Cover)
+ Prada LA Invites
__Prada NY Epicenter Booklet
__Prada Milan Show Wallpaper
__Prada Milan Show Wallpaper
__Prada NY Epicenter Wallpaper
__Prada NY Epicenter Wallpaper
__Prada NY Epicenter Boxes
+ Prada NY Epicenter Display
+ Prada NY Epicenter Wallpaper
+ Prada 2005 F/W Sports
+ Prada 2006 S/S Sports
__Premsela Fake Logos
__(Pierre Huyghe Catalog)
__(Q101 Live 101 CD)
__Q101 Twisted 7 Short Movies
__(Q101 Stationery)
+ Remergent Literatures
+ Remergent Press Kit
+ Robin Hood Benefit Invitation
+ (Robin Hood Benefit Invitation)
+ Robin Hood Benefit Materials
__Saks Fifth Avenue Packaging
__Saks Fifth Avenue Soap Boxes
+ Saniorn Website
__Second Stage 25th Promo
__Second Stage 25th Logos
__(Second Stage 25th Poster)
__(Second Stage Fall Poster)
__(Second Stage Show 1)
__(Second Stage Show 2)
__(Second Stage Show 3)
__(Segura Inc Identity)
__(Segura Inc More or Less)
__(Segura Inc Ignition)
__(Segura Inc Monday-Friday)
__Shengna Logo
+ Srirama Logo
+ SuperSuite77 Logo
+ SuperSuite77 Patterns
+ SuperSuite77 Bags
+ SuperSuite77 Website
__T26 Newspaper
__T26 Catalog Number 19
__T26 Catalog Number 24
__T26 Gameover Poster
__(T26 Script Font Postcard)
__(T26 Script Font Poster)
__Takashimaya Coupon
__Takashimaya Folk Art Invite
__Takashimaya Newsletter
__Trisha Brown Gala Invite
+ (TCDC Installation)
__TDC48 NY Book
__TDC48 NY Poster
__TDC48 NY Invite
__TDC48 NY Certificate
+ (Tina Manis Identity)
+ Typeface Baseline
+ (Typeface 2spade)
+ (Typeface Grundiss)
+ Typeface Game Over
+ Typeface Underground Analog
+ Typeface Underground Digital
+ (Typeface Stiff)
+ (Typeface Be)
+ (University of Sydney Mag)
__(USPS Vote Stamp 1)
__(USPS Vote Stamp 2)
__(USPS Vote Stamp 3)
__(USPS Vote Stamp 4)
__Vitra US Shopping Bag
__Vitra 2003 Holiday Card
__Vitra Workspirit 7
__Vitra LA Showroom
__Vitra New York Showroom
__Vitra Neocon
__Vitra Neocon
+ Wig-01 Tree Page
__Wine De Samui Logo
__Wine De Samui Labels
__Work Ac Identity

• 2011
• AIGA 365, Motorola Solutions

• 2010

• Judge, 2010 Creativity+Commerce

• 2009

• AIGA 365, Wild Flowers invitation
• Print Magazine, Artecnica Campaign
• Letterhead & Logo Design 11

• 2008
• Step Magazine, Emerging Designer

• 2007
• Step Magazine, Emerging Designer
• 2006
• Plus81 Magazine, No.32
• IDEA Magazine, No.316
• Eye Magazine, No.58
• Judge, Print Interactive
• 2005
• Print Magazine, New Visual Artists
• Step Magazine, Best of Web 2005
• Hide and Seek, Exhibition
• Logo Lounge Volume II, MTV Logo
• 2004, Web Design Award
• Wig-01 Graphic Poetry, Tree Poem
• This Gun Is For Hire, Die Gestalten
• IDN, 5inch
• Beaytuful Decay, Activist Page
Newstoday® For a Better Tomorrow
• Communication Arts 44, TDC23 Book
• Communication Arts 44, LS Cd
• Communication Arts 44, Saks Fifth
• ADC Distinctive Merit, TDC23 Book
• 2003
• Great Graphics On A Budget
• CA Design Annual 44, TDC23
• CA Design Annual 44, Saks Fifth
• CA Design Annual 44, Lesley Cds
• ID Magazine 07/08 2003, TDC23
• Graphic Design for the 21st Century
• Taschen,Q101 Twisted 7 Movie
• Identity Solution, Kicksology Stystem
• TDC New York, Vibe Logo
• 2002
• TDC, Tokyo Kicksology System
• Victionary 01, T-26 Newspaper
• IDN 10th Anniversary, Lesley Spencer
• Type, T-26 Newspaper
• 2001
• Creative Review, 5inch CD
• Creative Review, Lesley Spencer CD
• TDC Tokyo Bronze, T-26 News
• TDC Tokyo, Mongoose Catalog
• TDC Tokyo, Lesley Spencer CD
• Eye Wire, Jamboree2000 Campaign